Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Surly Long Haul Truckers coming soon

I just ordered four Surly Long Haul Trucker complete bikes in the popular 58cm size, and I expect them to Arrive on Sept-19. They are $985 as spec'ed, or $1100 with a Brooks B17 Champion Special saddle and MKS touring pedals. If you want one, call or stop by as soon as possible. If you decide you want one two weeks from now, it'll probably be too late. These are great bikes and a tremendous value for the price.

UPDATE: We now have one 58 cm and one 54 cm LHT bike for sale. We also have a 56 cm LHT that is built with parts out of HC inventory.


Andy A said...

You probably _never_ get this question, but for a LHT, what size would you put a guy on who's just over 6' (just under 6'1")... seems I am just between a 56 and 58 based on top tube... but what's been your experience? LHT would be 80% light tourer/daily commuter, 20% weekend tourer.

Jim Thill said...

Andy, Sorry for the delayed response - we don't check these comments often.

For someone of your height, I'd try a 60cm LHT. If you have shorter-than-average legs, maybe a 58. Top-tube length is only one part of the equation, since headtube and seattube angle, stem length/angle, saddle position, etc all conspire to affect the reach to the handlebar.